Water & Environment

The work experience of personnel of Buro Tech Consulting Engineer’s personnel related to Water type projects, only as from
2000, is listed below (prices escalated to current rates 2020):

2000 Bosveld District Council Vaalwater Boreholes (3) Phase 1 R0,709m
2001 Bothaville Town Council Sewerage Works R6,1m
2002 Iscor Newcastle Pump station R0,856m
2003 Bosveld District Council Vaalwater Boreholes (3) Phase 2 R1,6m
2007 DWAF Mavambe Pump station – Electrical Supply R2,2m
2007 DWAF Vuvane Pump station – Electrical Supply R7,4m
2008 Polokwane Municipality Houtrivier Pump station R1,2m
2008 Mogalakwena Municipality Plank Nek Borehole scheme – Mahwelereng R2,9m
2009 Mogalakwena Municipality Plank Nek High Lift Pump station – Mahwelereng R0,57m
2009 Manica Mozambique Manica Mozambique - Water Care Works & Pump Stations TBC
2010 DWAF Nandoni Dam Wall - Electrical Reticulation portion R4,9m
2012 Gert Sibande DC Amersfoort Water Care Works & Pump Stations R4,9m
2012 Blue Line Zongesien Sewerage Works R1,7m
2013 Jones & Wagener Khutala Mine Pump Station R1,3m
2013 Mogalakwena Municipality Tshamahansi Pumpstation R1,4m
2013 Jones & Wagner Welverdiend Mine Dam Temporary Pump station R4,2m
2013 Jones & Wagner Deep Far South Mine Pump station R2,8m
2014 Mogalakwena Municipality Sekuruwe Pumpstation R1,4m
2014 Mogalakwena Municipality Piet se Kop Pumpstation R4,2m
2009 DWAF Nandoni  Water Care Works R53,9m
2015 Jones & Wagner / SASOL Tweedraai Mine – Pump stations & Plant R10m
2015 BECSA/South32/Jones &W BMK Mine Water Extension Project R20m
2015 BECSA/South32/Jones &W Vandyksdrift  Mine Dewatering Project R67m
2016 De Beers/Anglo/Jones & W Venetia 4 mine – Pump Stations - Design In Proces R15m
2017 Christiana Pumpstation Sedibeng/Infraburu R5,6m
2017 South32/Jones &W Roypoint Mine – Pump Stations - Design R1,1m
2019 City of Tshwane/MDP New Eersterust pumpstation In process R3,1m
2019 City of Tshwane/MDP Refilwe Sewage Pump Stations In process R2,9m


1.1   Specialized Electrical and Electronic Expertise
The specialized experience and expertise as achieved with the completion of many dams, pumping stations, 
water care works as well as water treatment works are applied. The company Buro Tech Consulting Engineers has
an intimate experience with the rather specialized control of water related and treatment plants. The specific
experience of personnel in electrical and electronic engineering can be summarized as follows:

  • 40 Pump stations with largest capacity:                          24m³/sec
  • 10 Sewerage plants with largest capacity:                       20 Meg liter/day
  • 15 Water treatment works with largest capacity:          120 Meg liter/day
  • 4 Dam walls for DWAF:                                             Wolwedans, Inanda, Glen Mellville & Nandoni Dams

It is believed that the experience to date has earned Buro Tech Consulting Engineers the right to be a serious
contender as Electrical Consulting Engineers for the mentioned services. Buro Tech is also proud of the fact that
personnel employed in the Electrical Department of DWA & F forms part of their reference list..

1.2   Energy Effective Design
The electrical installation of every dam will be audited and re-designed where applicable for energy effectiveness
compliance with SANS 204. The optimization of energy consumption thus forms a very important criteria in any
design. The following fields are inter alia addressed:

1.2.1   Selection of Motor/Pump set Combinations - If Applicable
The most efficient pump set combination is selected and running costs are capitalized over a period. Incentives
and penalties are therefore applied as required by DWA & F to motivate suppliers of equipment to make the most
energy efficient selections of equipment.

1.2.2   Electricity Tariff
The existing electricity tariffs will be studied to ensure that the most suitable and lowest tariff is applied by the
electricity provider.

1.2.3   Power Factor Correction - If Applicable
The power factor of all plants is corrected to the most economical factor as required by the electricity tariff. Central
or individual correction studies are performed.

1.2.4   Variable Speed Drives (VSD's) - If Applicable
The application of VSD drives is considered where required for water demand control or process flow
requirements. The cost savings can be significant.

1.3   Process Control, Instrumentation and Automation
The latest technology and best fit for purpose control and automatization philosophies are considered and applied
during the design stage of any project. Final selections are performed in collaboration with the client.

1.4  Electrical Distribution
A proper analysis is carried out for power planning, evaluation and reporting purposes. Multi-level voltage systems
are modeled, load flow analysis, comprehensive fault level studies, voltage and transient motor as well
protection studies are performed

The Following computer aided software design programs are applied:

  • ReticMaster for voltage depression and load flow studies.

The supply authority is consulted to determine the least depressions of voltages on the supply network as well as
to determine the best voltage and substation configurations.

1.5   General Electrical
The electrical designs and layouts will be carried out according to the directives of the Client should it be available.
The Standard specification of the Client will be applied as well as the other documentation as required by the
Client's Electrical Division. Co-ordination will also be done with other divisions such as the Mechanical Division.

Lighting designs is performed with the application of the following software design programs:

  • Relux:              Internal Lighting
  • SABS 098:      Street Lighting