Buro Tech Consulting Engineers specializes in Electrical Reticulation Projects because of the following in-house qualities:

  • The most advanced reticulation software (Reticmaster) is applied for design and load flow calculations.
  • Financial optimization is integral to all designs.
  • The firm has an extensive knowledge of various Municipalities’ requirements regarding reticulation standards and Electrical Systems.
  • Buro Tech assists clients with their applications at Local Authorities.
  • Experience in consulting engineering of the personnel adds up to a total of more than 90 years.
  • The firm strives to establish a reputation for highly professional and quality service to its clients.
  • Buro Tech is a registered member of the South African Association of Consulting Engineers besides the membership of other Electrical Institutions as listed in the submission.
  • Quality control processes are followed to ensure projects are managed in a consistently professional manner throughout it’s life-cycle.


The work experience of Buro Tech Consulting Engineers related to electrical reticulation and distribution projects, only as from the year 2017 and above R1M, is listed below (prices escalated to current rates 2021):

2017 Gauteng Housing/MDP New Eersterust X8 – X11 (+/- 12 000 stands) In Process R212,7m
2017 Kale Developments/IHS Clubview x119 – The Oak Tree Village   R3,1m
2017 Kale Developments/Matla Ormonde South Residential Development In Process R12,7m
2017 Kale Developments/IHS Fairlands Residential Development In Process R7,6m
2017 Izak van der Walt Equestria X269 In Process R3,1m
2017 Tyris Construction Bronberg X31 In Process R1,9m
2017 Metroplan Equestria X274 In Process R4m
2017 Amitofo Developments Sunninghill X74 In Process R5,5m
2017 Amitofo Developments Highlands North X4 In Process R5,6m
2017 Kale Developments Boardwalk Villas X5 & X6 In Process R5m
2017 Gamont Housing Equestria X270 In Process R2,8m
2017 TLJ Investments Willow Park Manor x 52 In Process R1,5m
2017 Morgan Cargo Developments Pomona AH 122-124 & 281 In Process R2m
2018 J&P Kyriakou Properties Pretorius Park X41 In Process R10,1m
2018 Plan Practice Welgevonden Pt2 Eco-estate In Process R2,5m
2018 Tshepo James Soshanguve X4 In Process R2,5m
2018 Tripple Rock Trading Rynfield X150 In Process R1,3m
2018 Ademia-Hough Shere AH62 In Process R7,8m
2018 Plan Associates Die Wilgers X83 In Process R5m
2019 SANRAL (in Consortium) N3 Street Lighting KZN In Process R992.8m
2019 W2 Consult Pretoria X6 – Shopping Centre In Process R4,8m
2019 Morning Dew Blesboklaagte Ptn 78 In Process R13,3m
2019 Albert S Joubert Equestria X163 – Residential In Process R2,4m
2019 Rudi Strydom Equestria X157 In Process R1,2m
2019 Skilpad Ontwikkelings Queenswood X13   R1,9m
2019 Gamont Equestria X259 (Glenlaan In Process R1,1m
2019 South32/Jones & Wagener Van Dyksdrift Mine   R75,8m
2019 ATKV/Majestic Silver Klein Kariba Negester In Process R28m
2020 Paciscan Bronberg X30 In Process R1,2m
2020 Metroplan Kameeldrift X41 Filling Station In Process 4,3m
2020 Jumbo/Topbou Theresapark X69 In Process R6,8m
2020 Annsden Properties Cloverdene X14 In Process R4,8m
2020 Pinard De Zandt In Process R4m
2020 Landmark Raslouw X48 In Process R2,6m
2020 Majestic Silver Trading 94 Boardwalk X72 In Process R12m
2020 Leander Road Prop Boardwalk X66 In Process R1,4m
2021 Ngwenya River Estate Brits X159, Erf 5620 In Process R1,1m
2021 Green Oaks Die Hoewes X343 In Process R4,6m
2021 Hartenbos Hills Propco. Hartenbosch Heuwels In Process R37,1m
2021 Metroplan Chantelle X48 & X49 In Process R14,9m
2021 MD Jansen/Teropo Zwavelpport Ptn 929 In Process TBD
2021 Growthpoint Groenkloof Ptn 56 – Report   R31,7m
2021 Jumbo Construction Chantelle x 47 In Process R12,5m
2022 Rhodes Food Group MV Substation Upgrade In Process R6,3m
2022 Ervoplex (pty) Ltd Leeuwfontein Portion 11 In Process R13,4m
202 Grennville Tdg 235 (Pty) Ltd Amandasig X49/83 In Process R1,33m

 (Amounts are present day costs and indicates the electrical contract cost and not total project cost)